Scotland: Illegal Alien Muslims Attack Lady Who Then Shows Them Her Skills…

Out Frickin Standing! Another pair if Islamic asshats get their butts kicked by a girl, get jail time and then get the boot! A great triple play! Nice!

Trigger Reset

Had to fight them hand-to-hand, as Scots aren’t even allowed potato peelers

Two illegal immigrants who assaulted a woman walking home from a nightclub came off worse after she used her karate skills to beat them up.

The pair were jailed for six years after they were found guilty of following 29-year-old Kelly Soutar.

The brave victim has spoken of her ‘complete relief’ after the pair were jailed for a  six years.

Ms Soutar, 29, described how Shehab Smekramuddin and Mohammad Islam – both illegal immigrants who claim to be ‘political refugees’ – had followed her from a club in Forfar, Scotland, before they struck.

Ms Soutar, who works as a welder and who has a brown belt in karate – said her self-defence training kicked in allowing her to punch, headbutt and kick the duo before making off.

During a trial at Dundee Sheriff Court prosecutor Eilidh Robertson…

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Attempted Dixon school shooter used gun obtained by his mom, a prohibited possessor

And just where is Mr. David Hogg on this one? It totally blos up his agenda. Good! Maybe now he will get a life and leave the rest of us the hell alone. Wishful thinking I know.

Fellowship of the Minds


Last Wednesday, 19-year-old Matthew Milby attempted a school shooting at Dixon High School in central Illinois. The shooter was stopped by a resource officer who shot and wounded the former student.

How did the perp obtain his gun? From his mom who is a convicted felon.

Plenty of gun control laws on the books that should have prevented her from purchasing a firearm. Yet somehow the system failed, as has happened before. Beyond system failures, a convicted felon knows they are not allowed to have a gun.

From WQAD: WGN tv, a Tribune Media partner of WQAD, is reporting that suspected Dixon shooter Matthew Milby’s mother is a convicted felon who should not have legally been able to purchase a gun.

The Illinois State Police has confirmed Julie Milby purchased the 9-mm semi-automatic rifle her son brought to school Wednesday. But court records in Florida show her criminal history…

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Shun this movie: ‘Show Dogs’ grooms kids for pedophiles

Wow! They don’t tell you about that in the previews! That is just sick! And in a children’s movie ! Where are the censors?!

Fellowship of the Minds

Show Dogs is promoted as a “family” buddy-cop movie, which was released in the U.S. last Friday, on May 18.

Directed by Raja Gosnell, written by Max Botkin and Marc Hyman, and starring a roster of actors including Will Arnett, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Jordin Sparks (of American Idol), and Stanley Tucci, the movie is about a Rottweiler police dog, Max, and his human partner who go undercover at a prestigious dog show to stop an animal smuggling activity.

Panned by critics, with an approval rating of just 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, Show Dogs “grooms” (i.e., prepares) children for pedophiles with a plot point where the main character Max must have his genitals nonconsensually fondled, and is taught by the other characters to “relax and enjoy it”.

Show Dogs

Terina Maldonado, a survivor of child abuse, of Macaroni Kid writes:

What could have been solely a fun movie for…

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The only thing they didn’t do was sacrifice their MOTHER to win – MAYBE

What did they think they wouldn’t be found out?! I guess if CHC had won maybe. But the world took a different turn and we have Donald Trump as president. We really find it annoying that this was even thought to be a good idea at the time.

The Goomba Gazette


FBI plant’ in Trump campaign was Cambridge professor, reports say

The CHC army of assassins were so desperate to win the election; the only thing they didn’t do was sacrifice their MOTHER to come out on top – MAYBE. If they were positive of a win by putting the axe to their old lady, their father would be a widower now.

They have a lot of balls trying to ice PDT with a myriad of false charges; only to draw the attention away from them for their illicit undertakings.


University of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper has been identified as an FBI informant in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, multiple news outlets reported Saturday.

The 73-year-old academic reportedly has deep ties to American and British intelligence, having served in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations, the New York Post reported.

President Trump tweeted Friday that confirmation of an FBI…

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“NJ school district-Inclusivity further damaging our future generations”

I like this point of view! Life is going to be a nasty reality for the “snowflake generation”. Life does not work on these principles. And they are gonna just hate the driving test!


East Hanover, New Jersey – Not far from where I reside. In the good ol’ name of “inclusivity”, the school board of Hanover Park High School has taken an incredibly ridiculous action to the detriment of our future generations. Senses of entitlement and rewarding playing the victim yet again. Because of a single cheerleader not making the “squad” as it were, and her unhinged mother deciding that this was simply unacceptable and barking at the school like a junkyard dog with rabies.

This new “inclusivity” mandate by the school board will now allow every student that “applies” to be on the cheerleading team to be accepted, regardless of ability or talent. The cheerleaders were not happy about this new policy, can’t say I blame them. Also there was a lot of negative feedback on this new policy all over social media and well deserved at that. I don’t particularly care…

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When you have no clue about firearms: USA Today writes about “less lethal” weapons used in Santa Fe shooting

Personal responsibility and mental health. What a wonderful message that you won’t here due to the lac of spin and reality in MSM.

Fellowship of the Minds

usa today Firearm experts at USA Today…

After the Santa Fe shooting on Friday since it was discovered that the shooter didn’t use an AR-15, USA Todaytweeted the following:

Two details set the Santa Fe shooting apart from other recent deadly attacks: explosives and the use of less-lethal weapons.”

Ten people dead from a .38 revolver and a shotgun. How’s that “less lethal” narrative working for you, USA Today?

Why couldn’t USA Today write about the MULTIPLE ILLEGAL ACTS committed during this shooting with “less lethal” weapons:

  • The shooter committed murder, which is illegal.
  • At 17, the shooter was not allowed to purchase the guns and stole them from his father, which is illegal.
  • The shooter carried guns and ammunition at the school, which is illegal.
  • The shooter was not eligible for a “License to Carry(conceal carry in Texas) and hid his guns,

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We Don’t Need Gun Control, We Need Evil Control

I agree 100%! Parents need to parent. Not stepaside and let the youngsters have at it. And holding the parents accountable for their darling juveniles is a great step in the right direction. Your child, your responsability!

Kingsjester's Blog

Yesterday morning, in the town of Santa Fe, Texas, the unthinkable happened again.

A student brandishing a handgun and a shotgun taken from his father walked into the high scool which he attended and killed 10 innocent people.

It is apparent that this young man did not act alone as there were several bombs placed around the campus of the school including those of the pressure-cooker variety which were used by the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing,

Immediately after it happened the usual voices were heard , including that of young Media Darling David Hogg, making political hay of the incident and calling for more gun control.

If gun control was the answer to these acts of wanton violence which are happening more and more frequently, then the city of Chicago, Illinois would be the safest place in the United States of America because they have the strictest gun…

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