The Walmart Massacre: America Does Not Need Gun Control…We Need Evil Control — Kingsjester’s Blog

BzeroB – More people are killed and wounded in cities like Chicago but that doesn’t seem to garner the same riveting attention that these mass shootings do. And now it only takes moments, literally, for the political asshats to pronounce who is responsible. And please note that none of the persons called out by these politically motivated goofs are the shooters. It is always someone in power. Not the shooter.

But the carnage in Chiraq is rolling up some serious numbers. But even with the tight gun control laws it is still horrendous. Something isn’t right here. Your gun control poster child cities, primarily run by Democrats, are total free-for-all shooting galleries! Why all the faux concern for an issue specifically El Paso, Dayton and others? This has been with us for a very long time. Why can’t the cities with theses tight gun laws make any headway?

Because criminals don’t obey the law! Get it yet? Apparently not. The disarmed citizens become unarmed victims. And the politicians say they care? Really?! Sounds pretty sketchy to me. Andthe same people that are screaming gun control are also attacking the police forces. The only people that have the guns that might, just might, save your ass.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was inside of a Walmart in Northwest Mississippi, 15 minutes down the Highway from the one in Southaven, where two employees were gunned down mercilessly earlier in the week by someone whom they knew and had worked with for years, I read on my cell phone that the unthinkable had happened […]

via The Walmart Massacre: America Does Not Need Gun Control…We Need Evil Control — Kingsjester’s Blog

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