President Trump Beats Obama, 830,000 to 26,000…(It’s Called “Winning”)…

The math is simple. And the numbers are amazing. I like it But you know the holdout Obamers are going to do everything they can to pin this on Barry O in some way. Not gonna work! It’s all Trump!

Trigger Reset

In 2016 Barack Obama said manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back.

Boy was he wrong!

Last Friday the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the second quarter GDP number rose to an exceptional 4.1%.

The number was the latest evidence of a steady, revitalized US economy.

On Thursday Charles Payne reported on some stunning manufacturing news.

Charles Payne: Speaking of jobs, I looked at the ADP report yesterday, Tammy, 830,000 new manufacturing jobs in the last 19 months. The prior 19 months, 26,000.

Trump bested Obama by 804,000 manufacturing jobs since taking over White House!

Via: GWP

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