Steve Bannon apologizes for comments to Michael Wolff

What we have here is another episode of “The Boomerang Effect”


According to this recent CNBC article  we have Steve Bannon blurting out stuff that he now has to apologize for. And the net effect is that he looks like an ass. Plain and simple. Just like all the other apologetic asshats that have to clean up after themselves for getting stupid and not thinking before they shoot their mouth off either in the media, on Facedork ot Twitcrap.

Steve Bannon apologizes for anti-Trump comments to Michael Wolff in ‘Fire and Fury’

  • Steve Bannon says he “regrets” his comments made to author Michael Wolff in his explosive book “Fire and Fury” that has shaken the Trump White House.
  • He says his support is “unwavering for the president and his agenda.”
  • “My comments were aimed at Paul Manafort,” not President Trump’s son Donald Jr., Bannon says.

Keep up the good work asshats!

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