Islamophobia? Really?!

You want the Infidels to stop what you call ‘Islamophobia’?

Here is what you should do first:

1- Stop preaching hatred and warfare in your Mosques, mass media and schools.

2- Stop terrorist attacks around the world

3- Stop your victim-hood and conspiracy theories mentality and admit you have a serious problem inside your community and with your religious texts that need to be solved.

4- Stop persecuting and killing Christians and other religious minorities in your Islamic countries without any reason except for your religious deep hatred towards them.

5- Stop the supremacy and the intolerance towards people of other religions

6- Respect other Muslim’s choices to leave Islam or to take off Hijabs if they want. Consider total equality between men and women, and between Muslims and non-Muslims.

7- Don’t censor, intimidate, threat, imprison or kill, people for exercising their free speech right to criticize Islam and your prophet.

8- Stop the factory of terrorists by finding a way to eliminate the 164 violent and hate filled Koranic verses and the numerous hateful violent Hadith that continue to inspire Muslims to hate and to kill the Unbelievers.

9- Stop your genocidal hatred towards Jews and Christians

10- Stop blaming Americans or ‘Zionists’ or Europeans or even Extra terrestrials for your failures and inferiorities, Blame yourself first and see what you can change inside you before blaming others.

11- Stop unreasonable and supremacist demands in non-Muslim countries and accept to be equal with all other people and other faiths.

12- Stop imposing your religion, your laws and your way of life on other people. Keep your faith to yourself only, inside your private space.

When you succeed to do all this, then you’ll have the right to demand others to stop ‘Islamophobia’

Anyway, there will be no reason for others to have a phobia of Islam.
Until then, you have no right to demand anything, and what you call Islamophobia is not a phobia, it’s a total rational and legitimate fear and hate towards your dangerous belief system


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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