Yep! Another reason NOT to deal with Dish Network

As usual, the cable / subscription service swanp hasn’t changed a whole lot. They are all guilty of some sort of buffoonery. My own experience with Dish is not a good one. A nightmare of shifting sand billing and corporate scamming. So there is no surprise here. Will it change their operation? I don’t think so. It will just provide some temporary relief  from the calls.

Sure, we say all the time that robocalls are annoying, and agencies like the FTC and FCC talk all the time about how some of them are illegal. But how much trouble does a big company get in these days for actually getting caught making the illegal calls? About $280 million, it turns out. That’s…

via Dish Network Ordered To Pay Record $280 Million For Illegal Telemarketing Calls — Consumerist


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