Poke the Tiger with a stick


And see if there is a reaction!

I have really had my fill of a manager at O’Reilly. The store manager to be exact! He has a long history of running at the mouth to the wrong people and vocalizing things that are better NOT vocalized. Unfortunately it has now progressed to a full blown adult temper-tantrum over a simple miscommunication that did not need to include knocking a POS station off the counter!  Now, if he was working for me I would have fired him on the spot. But because he is a player in the vast O’Reilly mega structure I am hoping that there is some sort of reaction and response to my complaint to the highest level.

Nag! Nag! Nag!

You can only complain about the same issues so many times then it gets tedious and numbing and you need to step it up to the next level. It also draws into view the actions of the next higher levels of managements that predictably give the usual concerned platitudes but  choose to not react. Or the deference to a call that should not warrant an ” I’m very busy! I will talk to you on Monday!” response. Really!? I don’t call on a weekend to check and see how your BBQ is going! Asshat! You are part of the problem. Especially when the same issues are reiterated by other members of the same team. But, that is all on them. Their choice. Their responsibility. They can feel free to explain the lack of response to the higher authorities when the questions come down. Let the dancing begin!

Why Doest Though Bother Me?

I am hoping that by going right to the top and annoying the “overlords of the corporation” it may just trigger a trickle-down effect that will hopefully generate questions as to why they couldn’t / didn’t handle it and why  I was bothering them with such a trivial local issue. That’s the plan at least. I have decided not to hold my breath on that. Only looking  forward hopefully.

Unfortunately Predictable

Sadly O’Reilly has a well documented history of “do nothing” responses to complaints of this type. [ Glass Door ] I am up for a tiff! And to make sure my issue does not go totally unnoticed and gets railroaded into the ether I will be following my phone call with an e-mail and a hard copy. They will not be able to say that they didn’t get it!

My Cloak of Invincibility

With that said I am a casual worker. Working because I choose to do so not because I have to. This gives me a bit more leeway to react to responses a whole lot differently than those that work for a living. I am not saying I am invincible but that I am in a much better position to weather any silliness that they come up with. And retaliation will not be tolerated! And it is against the law!

Waiting for a response! Hopefully not one of a jackass! Stay Tuned!



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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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