Hey! Buddy! Wasn’t there supposed to be a protest here?

One more time. A big bag of …. nothing!

The word on the street was that there were all sorts of “massive” anti-Trump dissenters were going to wreak havoc on Washington. They, thousands,  were going to disrupt the transit system, the entry points for the event, interfere with the parade and all of the various balls during the evening.

But about a mile from the National Mall, police gave chase to a group of about 100 protesters who smashed the windows of downtown businesses including a Starbucks, a Bank of America and a McDonald’s as they denounced capitalism and Trump.

What I saw was hundreds of hooligans, not this fictional thousands, that broke windows and set trash cans on fire. And I don’t know if these asshats noticed, all their actions were being recorded by a bazillion media reports. Oooooo! Didn’t count on being on film. You didn’t film that did you?

Protesters registered their rage against the new president Friday in a chaotic confrontation with police who used pepper spray and stun grenades in a melee just blocks from Donald Trump’s inaugural parade.


Oh! And did they didn’t tell you is that “just blocks” was SIX blocks away from the closest point! And watching the parade go off without any delays. Hummm … that didn’t quite work out like they said. And there were reports that they “shut down” check points. Well if you call some guys chaining themselves together to a barrier in front of a pedestrian entry point shutting down a check point. It’s pretty funny that all the police did was simply moved the barrier with the protestors attached off to the side and continued on. That’s got to be embarrassing. And I guess J20 can claim they shut it down. Their post said so. So it must be true! Well … kinda …. sorta. I would have left them chained up there till later in the evening.Like midnight! But I wasn’t there.

Once again the social media along with help from certain elements of the press has elevated these butt-hurt groups like J20 to a much higher level than they really deserve, which is a whole lot of nothing! But it sure makes for some great news. Once again all noise but no merit. What a real pile of crap these goofballs are! What I did see was a whole lot of looky-lou’s just hangin out and taking pictures on their phones. A couple of times it was apparent that photo media outnumbered the protesters! Frickin media vultures!

Oh! And Michael Moore you are full of it yet again! If you didn’t notice Trump is now the President. Get over it. Go home. People are laughing at you. We don’t care what you predict.

So that’s my take on it


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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