ISIS destroys 1400 year old monastery ruins

IMHO this is one more indication of how backward thinking and misguided this splinter group of Islam really is!

Unfortunately they are a form of Islam. Deal with it!

1400 year old monastery ruins obliterated by ISIS
1400 year old monastery ruins obliterated by ISIS




In their zeal to eradicate any and all opposing view points from their territory ISIS has once again destroyed an unimposing 1400 year old structure just because. After surviving for 1400 years and not bothering anyone it became a target for eradication. Because of it’s original heritage. This same group, ISIS, has destroyed countless other century old ruins simply because they “offended” them.


U.N. Satellite Image Confirms ISIS Destruction Of Temple Of Bel

Palmyra Temple of Belafter destruction

It is reported that they also severely damaged a 2000 year old ruins of the Temple of Bel.

It is also documented that they destroyed the tomb of Jonah in Mosul. Amidst the remains of Ninevah stands the Mosque of the Prophet Yunus (or Jonah), which was once the location of a Nestorian-Assyrian Church. Jonah is believed to be buried there, the same place King Esarhaddon built a palace. But it is now gone.

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Also included are the Syrian ruins at Palmyra in July/August 2015. And these are Muslim shrines! This doesn’t make any sense at all! But the ISIS explanation is that these ancient ruins promote idolatry. Not one to get too picky here but that is their heritage like it or not!

One of the tombs destroyed is that of Mohammed bin Ali, a descendent of Ali bin Abi Taleb, the Prophet Mohammed’s cousin, the website DGAM said. It’s in a hilly area 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) north of Palmyra. ISIS militants also blew up the shrine of Shagaf, known as Abu Behaeddine, a religious figure from Palmyra, dated to 500 years ago. The shrine is located in the oasis 500 meters away from the Ancient City’s Arch of Triumph.

Does it change history? Nope! Did it cause a loss of an ancient treasures of human civilization? Yes! Does it make them look like ignorant asshats? Yes!

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And they,  Some Islamic countries, just can’t seem to figure out why no one will help them out of their self-destructive behaviors that have plunged their once viable countries into utter wastelands of rubble with no foreseeable future to rebuild. And there have been no observable attempts to stop the madness and bring some remote semblance of civilization like the simple things, water and electricity. Just this centuries old hatred of everyone, including fellow Muslims, and everything not Islamic.

It evokes a mentality that questions why we even bother to deal with these self-destructive asshats that want to import their narrow-minded religion based closed society on the rest of the world. They really have nothing to offer in the way of civilization. Just a total waste of energy getting a whole lot of nothing done between prayer sessions.

Take a quick look around their homelands. Other than some  oil and lots of destruction they offer no viable commodities. No cars, no planes, no machines, no goods of mention. And the irony of all of this was that tourism was one of their biggest incomes! How sucky is that?!

But they want to be in charge. Really?! And yet they want to be in my face over everything. If they spent all that time, money and energy on their own countries and people they might actually make some progress out of the dark ages.

Good luck with that! Without the war activities they would be unemployed and unemployable. Just thinking out loud.



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