California evokes total insanity

This is just one mans opinion. MINE!


Mr. Obama we DO have an existential threat here in the US! And it is NOT motivated by global warming!

The unfolding events in San Bernadino have sparked a whole bunch of rhetoric on a variety of subjects. Primarily gun control and prayer. But there are others. But most of these issues are political hot buttons for the political asshats either in charge of our country or wannabes.

In my view what this event is really about is a Muslim couple that along with co-conspirators planned and armed themselves for a well orchestrated mass murder and subsequent gun battle more than likely ending in death

First up is this event has magically brought “feelings” out on gun control.

No they didn’t!

I emphasized “feelings” because these, for the most part,  are NOT their feelings! They are Democrats! These are the party line chants! What comes out of their mouths is a Democrat party line scripted response. Gee! This happens to be campaign time! They, Democrats, don’t want to appear to be “out of line” with the party. Especially at this time.

IMHO We already have plenty of laws on the books. One fact in this event is that it appears that all of the weapons used were purchased LEGALLY! And it appears that they passed all of the checks currently in place. Apparently our laws have at some point let these fall through the cracks, so to speak. Lets address the loopholes not the primary laws!

We won’t even begin to address a simple analogy where the same body counts that horrify us from this event are repeated almost every week in Chicago that has some of the most restrictive gun laws in America. You don’t see or hear any significant talk from either party about how to address that totally out-of-control genocidal black on black scenario involving guns do you?

And isn’t it weird that Black Lives Matter is nowhere to be seen in Chicago! Could it be too dangerous for them?

It’s really pretty humorous that even Mr. Obama may have actually “stumbled” upon a major flaw when HE said that wile people of interest are on a “no fly” list but these same individuals can purchase firearms. Wow! How easy is that to fix? If he can see it how obvious is that? Thank You Captain Obvious!

Some pretty stark motivational issues

This event also steps up the question of religious fever motivating individuals to literally die for their religious devotion while killing others. The current state of the world makes the religions in question a very short list! Hands down the leader of that list is the religion of Islam.

It is no happenstance that CAIR, The Council on American-Islamic Relations took incredibly swift action to make sure that the brother in law of the deceased shooter held a “press conference” to profess that his/their religion was not a significant part of this scenario! Really? Let’s take a closer look at this.

And to take this element one step farther. Exactly what might motivate a mother to the point of living in an IED laced home,  dropping her 6 month old child off somewhere and then participates in a mass murder while suited up in tactical gear, body armor, complete with a camera and with the overwhelming odds of being killed during it? You do the math. Getting the groceries is not one of my choices.

A Short Checklist

As has become commonplace in many of the recent horrific spectacular murder suicide events, you have a short checklist of common elements.

  • Mass murder in a public place. Check!
  • Tactical gear. Check!
  • Assault weapons. Check!
  • GoPro cameras (?). Check!
  • IED devices. Check!
  • Circle of associates/family willing to participate. Check!
  • Recently in Middle East. Check!
  • Weeks of planning. Check!
  • Being killed, or committing suicide, during the scenario. Check!
  • Members of the Islamic faith. Check!

I really find this annoyingly simple to piece together. Why is it we spend so much time to try and prove that it is not what it is. Let’s call it what it is. Terrorism. But not only that, throw in the Religion of Islam and that makes it Islamic terrorism. Couple that with a perpetual barrage of like events makes this a relatively simple conclusion.

Enough of this motivational stuff! This is the obvious conscious conclusion. While I will say that a majority of Muslims are peaceful the religion has factions that are document able as fundamentally radical and dangerous. The common denominator here is that an overwhelmingly number of these homicidal factions are Muslim. That casts suspicion on all followers of that religion unfortunately.

On to the prayer bashing banter

The Democratic Party responses to the passionate condolences leads you to believe that they are god-less people by saying to “Leave God out of this”. How sad is that!

This event has also brought out the obvious war on religion from the Democratic party and other left leaning factions. When simply making a statement of sympathy for the victims of the horrific situation that happens to include a reference to prayer brings out a sinister attack for using that word. What the hell was that?!

What kind of crap is having to set aside your faith when responding to a horrific human event? We make these vocalizations out of passion. Unthinkingly. And that brings out a hopefully POLITICALLY motivated assault on that individual. If these same Democratic candidates are not willing to express their religion based response so be it. I don’t believe for one second that they are all godless atheists. Maybe they are. I hope not. Because they are violating a basic right in this country for freedom of religion. That is fundamentally crap on their part. And really makes me set them aside as viable candidate to run this country.

And I would be very intrigued as to exactly what these same “god-less” Democratic candidates do on their Sunday off. Check it out for yourself.

Many take solace in their religion of choice. It calms them and gives them peace of mind. If that is what makes an event such as this tolerable then so be it. That is their personal choice and not a political one. And there is no reason to attack someone for saying it. Unless it’s presidential candidate season. Then it IS political and all rules are off!

And before you get all of your panties all in a knot

Practicing your religion of choice, or lack thereof, is not a problem.That is your basic right. Vocalizing your religion is also not a problem. Annoying maybe but not a prolem. But ….. acting it out in a destructive manner that causes physical harm to others is NOT religion! That is fundamentally and morally  wrong and punishable as such. And to use your religion as a veil for perpetrating violence in the name of their religion is abhorrent. And, in my mind at least, I would be grossly offended that this radical minority would cause me to be included in their nefarious activities. And do something about it. Not just stay silent. But that’s just me.

And by the way, would you want CAIR as your mouthpiece?

With everything still in flux keep in mind that this is one mans opinion. Mine. And while the things may change my opinions probably won’t.



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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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