MYTH – You can hide with a bogus email address

TRUTH – You always have an IP address attached

kings.lisa@yahoo.con We can see you! We can all see you!


This is just a quick snapshot of a cursory ping of WHOIS. It gets more detailed later.

The  Homer Syndrome

Web technology is frickin awesome! Over 20 years in that field gives you some great tools of the trade.  It never ceases to amaze me that people that live in the modern technological world harbor a persistent notion that they can move on the web anonymously. OOOOOOh! I can trick them by using a fictitious email! Nice one Homer! Doooh!

Unfortunately it is nothing less than laughable! Sad but still laughable. Sounds like a Hillary Clinton episode don’t it! Before I go on let me refresh your memories to a previous article Are Some People Really That Goofy?

Yes! They apparently are! And when you compound that with a documented response that includes totally irrelevant content that contains name calling and brings other people not even involved into the mix. And just for the record NO it isn’t a crime to be in a public place. What is a crime is why you are there and what you were doing while you are there. Don’t you watch COPS?

And that just kinda plays into the last article I wrote are-parents-who-stalk-mentally-ill/ that invoked the response. If you read the article it’s not a big stretch to see that there just might be a problem here. Assuming that “kings.lisa@yahoo.con” is really in fact, maybe… say … some one associated with Stacy Ashley? And it triggers the immediate follow up question as to why would someone use an online alias unless they had some nefarious intent? Dunno!

And all this because I apparently struck a nerve. Excellent! Thank you Captain Kneejerk!  I’m not sure where I heard it but the old adage is that those who protest the loudest are usually the guiltiest. I believe that applies here.

And all this in all probability coming from a mom. Not just any mom but a mealy mouthed stalking mom! Or a very close associate with the same demeanor.

So, in conclusion, no one is anonymous on the web or online. YOU are responsible for what YOU put out there. And YOU can be held accountable.

Just consider this another public service announcement! You’re welcome!


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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