Done for the day!

Chillin with Captain Morgan and Walter Trout!

It’s been a productive day and now I’m done

Today was a super day. Breezy, sunny and mild. What a day to get some work done. I started early this morning, 7AMish, pulling the back bumper off Wun Tun Zoop to see if I could fix the big ass dent in the middle of it that has been bugging me since I got the van. Well, after getting it off it was kinda obvious that it was out of my capabilities.

So, off to Ryan’s Auto Salvage I went. I had seen a nice chrome bumper on an Express van there a few days ago. I got it off and got it home and set about cleaning it up and getting the small dents out of it. They were mostly cosmetic so it wasn’t any big deal. Then it was a simple R & R of the bumper.

And Boy! Howdy! Does it look better! But do my hands hurt like hell! So I called it a day 3PMish.

So here I am on the patio blogging, chillin with some Captain  Morgan and Cherry Dr Pepper. I’ve got some Walter Trout jammin on the stereo and it looks like it’s a spaghetti dinner tonight. Nice!

So to all my followers out there …. Have a great evening! Enjoy and relax! I am!!



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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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