Are some people really that goofy?

You have to wonder how some people manage to dress themselves

Social media should have a dress code!

All characters appearing in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to Richard Ashley, real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. LOL

There are some notable individuals in almost everyone’s social sphere that you, on a daily basis, just shake your head and laugh because they are so goofy. They are just so loopy that you have to laugh because hitting them with a stick and yelling stop that is fruitless! And probably a waste of a good stick. It is totally mind-numbing! But …. entertaining!

For some unknown reason these individuals are a perpetual annoyance. And after repeated incidents of mindlessness they continue on their self appointed quest to bug the fire out of others. Sadly social media has become a hot bed for such individuals. You know who these people are! Because they have deluded themselves about just how much smarter they are than you. And how much more awesome they are than others. Throw in a sympathetic pile of “friends” and what you end up with, in my humble opinion, is a big bag of online stupid!

Go on with your bad self!

These same people that have social skills that are questionable at best,  when you put them in an online social environment they become self proclaimed geniuses! Despite evidence to the contrary, such as things like education and life history, they still come at you like they are all that! They are so “special” with their incredibly awesome insights into specific personal affairs that they have to berate you with all of the “evidence” as to why they are incredibly right. Leading the unknowing reader to believe they have somehow along the way acquired a Masters Degree in Psychology, along with an impressive legal background as they put in print/post these evidences. Excellent! Just frickin incredible! And how incredibly wrong they are! Many of us know better!

When you read these personal “insights”, also known as posts in some media, and unfortunately that is just about every damn day, you have to read through these rambling posts in utter awe. Wait! Let me rephrase that ….. amazement! And in most cases, at least in my experience, it under most circumstances culminates in “WTF was that!” moment. They are that incredible!

Zip it up before you step on it

Because they are on the web and because they are on social media and because they are awesomely right these individuals get the equivalence of an invincibility complex.Unfortunately because they are so awesomely incredible and they have documented in writing for everyone about it in all the gory details about the circumstances of the moment, they forget to “zip up their pants” so to speak. They have put all this so called “evidence” out there and pointed it at their web “Friend” and had all of their other “Friends” electronically pat them on the back for being so awesome, that they kind of become ignorant of the fact that this is an open forum that allows other non-“Friends” to view it. This is where they “step all over it with golf shoes” as I put it.

Not only that, they kinda neglected to take into account that someone just might fact-check their writings document it and respond with an opposing “insight” to these same events. In addition these “insights” are now in digital memory and engrained on the web forever, if found to be somehow, say, wrong, misleading or harmful, there may be some unfortunate repercussions for the awesomely smart individual! Damn! They didn’t see that coming!

While not new information on how to behave on the web I am presenting this as a friendly version of a Public Service Announcement. For demonstration sake I am going to pick ….Ummm…. Child Custody as the subject for the following examples. And as I said already it is strictly for educational purposes. Yeah! Whatever!

Top Ten Ways Social Media Use Can Impact Your Custody or Support Case
In recent years it has become common practice in family law cases to use social networking sites as tools to gain evidence in divorce, child custody, and child support cases.  Facebook and Twitter are amongst the top social media sites used by individuals to express their daily thoughts and to vent to the cyber-world about their pet peeves and life’s’ injustices.  Then there are other sites like LinkedIn and other business networking sites where people promote themselves professionally.  Many people who are in the process of a divorce, child custody and/or support case thoughtlessly put their life out there on the Internet through Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Twitter and other forms of blogging and social networking.  Although social media can be entertaining, informative, and innocent if used properly, these sites can be detrimental to your case if used irresponsibly.

Read More

In addition this is a nice guideline as to how this “awesomeness” is a legal windfall to the other party.

Is Facebook A Friend Or Foe In Divorce and Child Custody Battles?

When someone’s character is on trial before the court, a guardian ad litem, a child custody evaluator, etc., any form of public information can be taken into account.In divorce and child custody battles, parties’ tempers are flared and mud slinging is expected. This is a “he said-she said” war of who is the worst person, who has done the worst things and who deserves more or less with the children because of it.

In the mud slinging phase, parties will get any information possible to show that you are undeserving of a fair and reasonable result.  And the information posted on social networking websites, including Facebook, will be the first evidence given to the judge to back up the claims.

While Facebook can be a formidable foe in your divorce, there are four reasons social networking websites can also be your friend:

1. You can use the information on social media websites against the opposing party.

2.  Social networking websites can be used as your own personal private detective.  Most people have no limits to what they will expose or share on these public sites.

3.  Information acquired from Facebook can be used to evaluate the opposing party’s maturity and their ability to parent. The screening of Facebook profiles is a common practice in many aspects of life. For example, social networking websites are used all the time by employers to recruit and hire people for jobs. Making the wrong comment on a personal profile can be enough for an employer to disqualify an application. In similar fashion, the court can use this information to determine the quality of character and parental fitness.

4.  The most common way Facebook and other social networking sites can be used against the other party in court is when they use these sites to deface, demean and speak poorly of someone. This is a very common occurrence and one’s case can benefit if this information is carefully presented to the court.

Read more

With all of this being said, these same fantastically special individuals continue to spew interesting writings on the social media that are nothing but drivel and crapola. And they apparently have no regard for the possible repercussions of their now documented utterings being fact checked, rebutted and corrected. And maybe, just maybe, slapped on them in some sort of legal action. This does not play well into their I am awesome narrative. But this doesn’t seem to affect them.

In conclusion all I can say at this point is you [Richard Ashley] go on with your bad self! Keep up the good work! You are AWESOME! Keep writing! The web is taking notes. Ain’t the web great!?

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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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