Cry Havoc, And Let Slip the (devil)Dogs of War

Let the mayhem begin! Any time now would be good POTUS!

Fellowship of the Minds

Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the (devil)Dogs of War

Why ISIS Tactics are Effective in the Middle East

For the last 3 years, the JV team in the middle east has reigned death, destruction, and devastation over countless countries. We have seen terror attacks carried out on 5 of the 7 continents on our planet, and yet the most developed countries in the world do nothing to stop the surge. To think that we cannot locate these “Caliphs,” or leaders, inside Iraq and Syria is so preposterous it actually makes my blood pressure rise. Remember, these leaders are not the supposed Osama bin Laden hiding in a cave, but instead building hotels and resorts. They are visiting captured cities and holding parades through Ramadi. I can only ask myself, why have we not hosted a front against ISIS?

Knowing that the United States Armed Forces are empowered by 100% volunteers…

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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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