Surprise! (not) Minimum wage hike hurts Oakland, CA’s economy

This is the reality of the”entitled mentality” in America! And those in charge have just chosen to ignore Economics 101. Oh! And we as SOOOOOOO suprised!?

Fellowship of the Minds

In November 2014, residents of the S.F. Bay Area city of Oakland, CA, voted in favor of minimum wage increases by 36% to $12.25 an hour, effective March 1st.

Gimme Entitlement

From Unfiltered Patriot, April 10, 2015:

After only a single month under the new law, which raised the minimum wage from $9 an hour to $12.25, area businesses are feeling the pinch. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. It’s fairer to say the employees are feeling the pinch.

The Employment Policies Institute conducted a survey of 223 Oakland businesses to see how the minimum wage increase was affecting the economy. The results, to say the least, are eye-opening. 30% of businesses have cut employee hours and another 17% have actually been forced to lay people off.Keep in mind that the new wages have only been in effect since March 1st.

EPI’s research director, Michael Saltsman, said that the numbers “should give…

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