Great Day! Got a lot done!

Today was an excellent day! Sunny and warm.

Got all sorts of stuff done. We replaced all the home fashioned patio planter hangers [5] with some metal shepherds hooks and to go along with it we re-potted the 5 hanging baskets we got at the Royal Oak flower sale last Sunday from the tacky white plastic pots to some nice wire baskets with natural liners. Way nicer!

then it was on to a quick clean up of the patio. There may be a big to do on the patio next Sunday so I might as well start getting it all lined out now.

I even got some time in on Wun Tunn Zoop and stripped and repainted two stone shields from under the van. I am still tangling with the goofy start / run issue but may have actually figured it out thanks to my assistants on a couple of the diesel forums. Thanx guys!

With all that done I decided we should treat ourselves to dinner and got a pile of Jet’s stuff. An Italian Jet Boat and salad for Faye Dean and a Jet 10 pizza for me! Easy! Throw in a couple of “doctored” sparkly waters and some smooth jazz and it was a great finish on the patio for the evening.Nice! Cool and relaxing.

Hope your day and evening were good for you too.



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