Hacktivist group Anonymous remove over 1,000 ISIS Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and websites

Now the cber war has begun! It couldn’t happen to a better group of ISis and it’s followers.

The Muslim Issue

They should continue the cleanup with Palestinian propaganda sites, and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Hacktivist group Anonymous claims it has ‘exposed and destroyed’ more than 1,000 ISIS-related sites, accounts and emails since declaring war on jihadists after Charlie Hebdo massacre

  • Group releases video citing successes since launch of January offensive
  • Anonymous declared war after the Paris attacks, which left 17 dead
  • Pledged to close jihadi social network accounts to avenge those murdered 

Hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed to take down more than 1,000 ISIS sites, accounts and emails since launching an offensive against the militant group in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

The group released a video boasting of the online accounts it has ‘exposed and destroyed’ since declaring war against jihadists in January.

In this latest video a red outline of the group’s masked…

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