815-895-3288 Your Computer Has A Problem

Microsoft Technical Support?! Really!?!

Total asshats! But fun guys really!

I have been dealing with these goofies for a few months now. Well, sadly a whole lot of people throughout the US have. And for me at least it is not any less entertaining than the first time they called. Unfortunately they are persistent and for some reason can’t be blocked effectively. So why not have some fun with them?

They have a heavy Indian[ as in India ] accent and the calls are always premised with a statement that they are from Microsoft and they noticed that my computer has some sort of technical problem. A download is not working, it’s infected or it’s not up to date. I have played these guys out a couple of times and it appears that they want you to load some software to give them remote access. WTF were they thinking! But most of the time I don’t get that far. They will most likely hang up at some point. If you do get them on the hook for a bit then you get a word in and rip into them they will give you a variety of responses including “You go to he11!”.

Wired: A senior security researcher from Malwarebytes has played along with a Microsoft technical support scammer, documenting the whole episode in a video, to showcase the social engineering that takes place. Site

I love it! I can’t seem to stop them but when they call I do try to jack them up and play along till I see an opportunity and then rip into them! I love it! I hate phone scammers!

So if you do happen to get a call from these guys all I can say is have some fun with them! Or you can just hang up. But what fun would that be!

More fun with PC scammers videos

Take some time. This is funnt stuff! Now this is entertainment!


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