Jury Orders AutoZone To Pay Former Employee $185M For Pregnancy Discrimination

As a working member of this community, auto parts retail, I hope this is a wake up call to all the HR people in ALL of the retail groups. There is a lot of “shady” stuff going on in all the chains. And the prevailing notion is “We are bigger than you!”. Well…. that may be fuel fo ra few more of these attaention getting penalties! Excellent!


(AutoZone) (AutoZone)

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Pregnancy Discrimination Act forbids companies from discriminating against employees based on pregnancy when it comes to any aspect of employment including hiring, firing, promotions and demotions. So when a former employee accused AutoZone of illegally demoting and then firing her after she became pregnant, the woman sued the company. And this week a California jury ruled in her favor, ordering the auto parts retailer to pay her $185 million.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a federal jury found that AutoZone unlawfully demoted and fired the employee who complained she was demoted and fired from a San Diego County store just because she was pregnant.

The woman claimed the company began to treat her differently after she told a district manager in 2005 that she had become pregnant.

During her discussion with the district manager, the woman claims he told her “Congratulations…I…

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