Fire is no joke! Get protected!

This is a public service announcement

Smoke detector

I got my up close and personal reminder Saturday night

It came at 3AM on Sunday morning with a wicked house fire directly across the street from me. After hearing a soft thump I was brought all the way awake by Snoop Dog barking excitedly. When I got to the hallway, which has a direct view out of my front window, it was lit up orange! When I got to the window I saw the house across from me with the whole front fascia in flames! I scrambled for the phone but was sidetracked with the arrival of an Oak Park Police cruiser. I knew the Oak Park Fire Department was not far behind. He immediately started banging on the door of the two adjacent houses to the flaming house warning them to the danger.

And when I say  it went up fast! And I do mean fast! Minutes actually. And since we do live at the end of a dead end street when they brought in a ladder truck and a pumper it got kluged up real quick. Throw in a couple of police cars and we have a full street party! One good thing is that we have a fire hydrant less than 100 ft. away. Fireman were able to knock it down quickly but it took a bit to get to the hot spots in the attic areas. But Oak Park Emergency Services did an excellent job! So the fire party finally broke up about 6AM. Great job City of Oak Park!

The good part is that the couple that lived there got out OK! I don’t know if they had smoke detectors but I hope so. If not, they got real lucky! After that cold evening with all the neighbors gathered outside it got to me pretty badly.

I did stay up for the rest of the day. But the images plagued me all day. After a long day I didn’t sleep too well the next night. During our conversations the following day I discovered that Faye Dean didn’t sleep well either! And with that the next morning I made a pointed decision that I would get some protection … NOW! I decided to install all new detection units . I went and got a hand full of new units including a carbon monoxide sensor unit.

Putting them in took only a couple of hours. The combo unit smoke/CO2 went in the main hallway. The living room,  bedroom  and den on the main floor each got one. The upstairs den got one directly above the stairwell.  And the last unit was placed at the top of the basement stairs.

I do have a trio of fire extinguishers on hand. I have actually had them for years. One in the kitchen, one in the basement and one upstairs. They will all be re-certified and recharged here shortly.

As you can tell this event got my attention real quick and real hard. I now have all my detectors and I will be getting my fire extinguishers re-certified soonish. Faye Dean and I have both slept better since the install. And all I can say is this!

Get Protected! Fire is no joke!



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