Hacker Wars! An internet cage match?

The gauntlet has been thrown on the keyboard. And the hackers are now having at it

Now things are getting a bit tense on the net

In the modern age of the internet, with all the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube users out there, there is a  presence of many factions using these mediums to convey their messages. Both good and bad. In my humble opinion it was just a matter of time before some of the players with opposing views squared off.

One group of people that seem to be using these mediums is ISI, ISIL IS or whatever they are being called today. They are using them all not only to proclaim their propaganda but also to communicate with each other. And because of this there are many out on the web that are opposed to the perverted use of these mediums. So some hackers have taken on the task of being a force for the common good by proclaiming an effort to bring these assets down. They are a shadowy group known as The Anonymous In my opinion … Excellent!

This shadowy group has been documented a variety of times and has been called everything from juvenile hacks to great forces for good. Whatever you think of them they have declared a cyber-war on ISIL, amongst others.  I like it.

Of course the agents of the Islamic State are not enchanted with this and predictably have filled the air with threats of this and that if they continue their cyber-warfare against them. And some of it has come to annoy them when people like Twitter have suspended their accounts. And they are not happy about it. Even to the point of calling for direct physical attacks on Twitter employees. How paranoid is that?!

The Islamic State May Have a New Target in Mind — and It’s Not a Political or National Icon: ‘The Time Has Arrived to Respond…’ Sep. 8, 2014 6:41pm Oliver Darcy

The Islamic State is calling for the assassination of Twitter employees in retribution for the social media platform closing accounts associated with the terror group, according to a news website.

Vocativ reported Monday that a Twitter account associated with the Islamic State issued a direct call for attacks against Twitter employees. SEE THE TWEETS AND MORE HERE

*** More on this Twitter issue can be seen HERE

The threats made on Twitter are disturbing. I don’t really know how credible they are because these guys make a lot of noise but, so far at least, they haven’t carried out a whole lot of nothing. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore the threats. These goofies are capable of anything! They have proved that. So the cyber war is on. And I am sure there will be some real serious hacking going on from both sides.

May the best hack win! Have at it boys!


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