Some people just don’t get it!

Joint custody is a simple legal concept for most people. But not all.

Unfortunately there really are people in our country that can’t read and comprehend simple concepts

It exposes itself in the form of the local Ashley family of Warren, MI. Specifically Mr Richard Ashley and his mother Stacy Ashley. It appears that they have no apparent comprehension or understanding of just what a judicial court order is and that they may want to consult their lawyer in this custody battle over my great-grandson and see if he can enlighten them as to how our legal works. He was in the courtroom with the rest of us when the judge laid out the simple ground rules. Additionally Mr. Ashley read and signed the said same order we did. It is my conclusion that he either has a severely acute auditory malfunction or possibly some form of severe reading comprehension issue.  When it states joint custody until a future decision deems otherwise it’s not really that complicated for most of us. Pretty simple actually. When specific days of the week and specifics for weekends and holidays are declared and put into written form it boggles my mind as to why it is a continuous challenge for members of my family to invoke this court ordered schedule of custody. The continual need to involve law enforcement in the simple act of a court edict for a day with the child can only be perceived as an intentional calculated aggravation. Duly noted and documented. And the growing stack of police reports that are documenting these events just increases the weight of evidence against him, and his family. But they don’t seem to get the message.

And I include his immediate family and friends in this. Unfortunately they are co-conspirators in this effort. When they, the mother and a cousin of Mr. Ashley, feel the need to conduct continual drive-bys of my granddaughters residence for some unknown reason. If this is an attempt to intimidate then that doesn’t speak well as to their mental motivations. Even the Mrs. Ashley feels the need to make interesting and threatening phone calls to the opposing grandparents [me].  Why? Dunno! And add to that having other family members to send life threatening text messages such as “We have a bullet waiting for you” compound the problem many fold. Apparently they don’t watch a whole lot of TV or watch the news enough to comprehend that in real life it really is pretty simple to trace these and any basic phone has the capability to snapshot them and that these messages pretty much speak for themselves when viewed by law enforcement. All I can say to this is “Keep up the good work folks! You are making this easy.

You can't fix Supid
You can’t fix Stupid

NOTE: There is some leeway for any individual, such as Mr Ashley, that potentially hasn’t finished high school or gotten a  GED by age 22. All in all my conclusion is that this family is a real big bag of stupid! And all I can say is quote the comedian Ron White ” You can’t fix stupid!”


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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