A great day on the patio

Faye Dean and I get to play in the dirt

A great day of gardening on the patio

The day started well with a great sunny morning . A quick trip to the annual city flower sale here in Oak Park netted a hand full of garden plants from the wants list that Faye Dean had given me. Once I got home that’s when the dirty fun began.

We had decided  that the normal garden spot out in the yard may be a bit of a stress for Faye Dean to get to and maintain. So I got 10 large planting containers to put on the patio right outside the side door. Once I got all 10 of the containers and a few bags of planting mix the dirty fun began. It was kind of a production line of pots and mix and plants so in no time they were all in their new homes.

After the clean up we scooted them to a nice spot on the patio. So now Faye Dean can check on them without a whole lot of walking around. We also get to see them any time we are out on the patio. I think it works out well that way. We shall see.

With all that work it was a fitting reward to have a nice grilled dinner on the patio. It worked out well.

Bye for now!

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