Nigerian Citizens Militia Ambushes Boko Haram Terrorists; Kills 200

I am pleasantly suprised to see that even Nigerians are fed up with Muslim asshats like the Boko Haram. I like it! And they collected the vehicles too. I am sure the interrogations were a bit on the not so nice side. Once again well done.

The Daley Gator

In the Nigerian village of Rann, word had leaked out to the local residents of a planned attack by the terror group Boko Haram under the cover of darkness. The locals have had enough of the lack of ability of the Nigerian military to protect them and took matters into their own hands.

The villagers took their and waited. At about three am, around 400 showed and attempted to overrun the village, running straight into the trap. The militia rose up and fired into the mob of terrorists with guns as well as bows and arrows, killing 200 and injuring many more. They also managed to take prisoner and interrogate many others.

One of the militiamen described the events, saying, “They wanted to attack us just the way they did in Bama, Konduga and Damboa, but we got the wind of it and all of us laid ambush for them…

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