An actual productive day

Nice weather free time and it’s almost magic

Yesterday was pretty productive with the most part of the day spent mowing the hay in my back and front yards. It took about 5 hours but it is all done. Very tiring but it was done. Mowed, edged and blown. And I must say it looks a whole lot better.I had to make two passes on some of it and on others I had to mow and rake. But it was well worth it. At least I think so.

Now that  I have a good lawnmower I might actually be able to stay up with it. I even managed to throw in a small cookout complete with music and Captain Morgan, for a much deserved relaxing evening. With all that done now I cam get to the other stuff. I have to get a garden spot for Faye so that is next. And with cruise season almost upon us I have that work to do too.

As you may or may not know I am working part time. I came to the conclusion that it was interfering with my retirement time to get stuff done. It seemed that all the nice days I was working and I was off the rainy ones. And having to stop at noonish to go work was annoying . So I unilaterally decided to take the summer off and not work from June to September. A whole summer of me time. When I presented that to my employer I expected that to be that. But it wasn’t. I was mildly surprised that they actually came back with a counter offer. The first was to work only 2 days a week during the week, keeping my show/cruise time free, and keep all my entitlements or a second option to  simply suspend me for 3 months and I could just resume working in September. After some discussion and thought I chose the first option to continue working but only a couple of days midweek. I like it! Excellent unexpected outcome.


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