Excellent job Mom! Well maybe! Er … Nope!

You may want to keep an eye on your mom!

You can stop helping any time

On this Mothers Day wouldn’t it be refreshing to see a mom use this day to go out of her way to help her son. And being so willing to do it on camera, and in front of others, is just extraordinarily awesome! I am sure that any loving son would normally be just ecstatic about her concerns. Key word here is normally.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

mental_illness_mental_illness_your_head_examined_demotivational_posters_1304367125__67870Actions raising concern for a mental health condition

Let me paint a quick mental picture for you to mull over. While I don’t normally get this excited about a mom showing a son just how helpful she can be but there are always exceptions to the norm. And it really does speak directly to the mental health of or aging population. In this case picture a mother, along with her relatives and close allies, going out of their way to return a simple item to the owner. But the unfortunate fact is that the person that they were returning it to wasn’t even the intended party! That’s exceptional! Really exceptional!

But, as in this case, being exceptional in the wrong circumstances also causes some grave health concerns for these same individuals. What is really  worry some is when a mother, or others for that matter, don’t have enough cognizant abilities to recognize that the person she, and her accomplices, are attempting to return this item to is not even the intended party. And when she attempts to return it she totally misses the mark and ends up dashing it right in the street. And upon discovery that it isn’t really the intended recipient the circumstance devolves into an angry rant complete with threats of harm all for the mistaken identity. Sadly loss of focus, inability to handle stressful circumstances, impaired vision, sudden outbursts of anger, loss of motor skills may be the signs of the onset of Alzheimer’s.  Or maybe even some other mental degrading disease or disorder. This is a sad time for these people.

It must be noted that because of the state of our world today there have been instances where similar symptoms and actions can be assigned to a mental heath issue when they are in actuality signs of long term chemical abuses. While one can speculate only a medical professional can determine the actual cause.

This is a growing concern here in the US as our population is becoming incrementally older. The good news is that there are a wide variety of mental health services available. Many at no cost.

Warning Signs

Other signs that can manifest themselves can show themselves in the form of extremely loud incoherent rants to invisible entities while wandering the streets aimlessly. You don’t really want to laugh out loud at these sad individuals, that would just be mean, but it can be very entertaining.  And reviewing videos like this are what YouTube and Vimeo use to pay their bills. Other uses for these has become more and more common. They are now being introduced as evidence in a wide variety of legal proceedings, including the determination of diminished mental capacity. Sadly, research has substantiated that many of these mental anomalies are hereditary. I am sure they are working on a cure. Or at least treatment.

Group Mental Health Issues

It is also substantiated that in some extreme cases the friends and acquaintances of these impaired individuals can actually empathize with them and go along with their actions however bizarre they may be. this is a sad situation. But at times it can appear to be comical.  It almost leads one to believe that they too may be in some way mentally distressed. Or at least mentally impaired to some extent. They can even so delusional to the point of believing that what they are doing is noble and OK. When in actuality it may be totally criminal. And since they are in the same company of individuals one can’t help but conclude they are legally party to it. It becomes hard to separate them from one another. Sometimes the unforeseen consequence is the simple fact that they too become a legal party to these actions and events. Kinda like guilt by association. Hopefully they can separate themselves from the situation in time. Sometimes it’s too late.

You can make your own decisions as to whether these actions are indicative of a pervasive mental condition or not.

The New Technologies

In a prior article I expressed my understanding of these new technologies and their legal implications. Read it here

The upside of the modern world is that the proliferation of both audio and video media the possibilities of being undeniably fingered either in video where they are displaying these symptoms of incoherency and sometimes something as a simple audio from, say a law enforcement call, may actually be enough to eliminate any doubts as to the true demeanor of any individual in question.

With that I will end this Public Service Announcement.

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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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