Richard Ashley – You will get what you deserve!

Richard Ashley – Consider this fair warning

Now you may , or may not, see this but …

You a re nothing less than a chicken sh#t little weasel in hiding! Now you are creating your own maelstrom of problems.  While it could have been avoided you have chosen to do it the hard way. And if I have anything to say about it it’s gonna get ugly. Enjoy your adventure in hide and seek from us while you can. My prediction here is you WILL lose!

Richard Ashley is the former boyfriend of my grand daughter. He is the documented, but unsubstantiated [as in not DNA verified], father of my grandson RJ. And because of the pending custody litigation has decided to go into hiding and taken my grandson with him. [Kidnapping? Dunno yet. Working on it] And in addition he has taken my granddaughters ID’s and even a Federal check of hers that is not in his name. [Federal offense? Dunno. IRS has been consulted. Working on it] Additionally he has made these too unavailable to her. The ID’s an be replaced but the documentation is being entered to reflect the possible “theft”. [More possible charges? Maybe!] His new girlfriend has been described as a “undesirable” by some. Rumor has it that she may be  the engine behind at least some of these events. If this proves to be true then I don’t have a problem throwing her under the bus too! Two documented attempts to see the child have come up empty handed. And the Police reports reflect that.

It is my unfortunate belief that his mother, Stacy,  may actually be a co-conspirator to these shenanigans. I hope not. She said she has not talked to him in a few days and doesn’t know where he is.  But if she is party to this it may get her involved in something she may not want to be in. Just thinking out loud here. Putting the pieces together as legal as possible.

Since Mr. Ashley has decided to make yourself “unavailable” for my granddaughter to see her child has escalated my ire to a new level. With a court order in the the works, some Child Protective Services resources and the assistance of the Warren Police Dept., there may be some escalating list of additional charges. Any and all that I can apply will be done. I am all in on this one. I am well beyond the ask nicely stage.

I am normally a level headed guy but this asshat has got me at a totally new level. Since he works for a former employer I have made some very pointed inquiries directly to Advance Auto managers and HR representatives. As of 6 PM today his manager at the Advance Auto store that he works at on John R and 11 Mile Road in Madison Heights, MI told me that he had not seen Richard for a week or so. I hope that he was truthful here because at this time I have no sense of humor. When this information was passed on to the Advance Auto HR team the fact that he may have missed three shifts unaccounted for , according to Advance Auto guidelines, is considered to be a voluntary vacation of your position. And during  my conversation with them they also assured me that they would look into it. I am not expecting any miracles here but since I put the bug in their ear I hope to  be a direct contributor to his losing his job! If not directly but indirectly.

And with no income this could become very problematic for him to fight us in the custody battle. Just vocalizing here. And unless he has a wish to become a prime candidate for “3 hots and a cot” he may be well advised to cooperate very soon before things get way out of hand. Because when he does come out of hiding he is gonna be in for a big surprise!

Just thinking out loud here.

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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

2 thoughts on “Richard Ashley – You will get what you deserve!”

  1. Bob u relize your grand daughter is a drug addict? She lives with a registred sex offender and sells her food stamps rite? Theres so much to this you dont even no.

    1. Mr. Ashley, that is your real name isn’t it? I am so glad you are now the evening news! You know, without your input I would be totally in the dark! Thanks for the news update. #asshat

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