Thanks to Snoopy we are safe from the aliens

His persistent vigilance has kept our home and yard free of aliens. We feel so much safer

Maybe your dog has these same powers!

Protector of his universe!
Protector of his universe!
He is always on the prowl and listening for these creepy guys. As we all know from the movies they can shape shift and also go invisible. After many years of wondering why he always would bark and scratch to go out for no apparent reason we decided to do some detailed observation as to what was really going on. And the results were nothing more than fantastic! It explains a lot!

His special powers of perception! There are many occasions that he creates quite a commotion to go out for no apparent reason. LET ME OUT NOW! And once he storms out into the yard he makes a rapid run of the perimeter of the yard and then calmly and slowly makes his way back. All the while looking around trying to make sure that they aren’t trying to sneak up on us. They were there but he banished them. It appears that his mere presence is enough to strike fear into the aliens and keep them away for a short periods at least.

There have been other times when Snoop bolts out the door and when we look around the only thing you can see is a lone squirrel or bird in the yard. And for the most part he ignores them. They aren’t fooling him one bit though. Aliens are tricky like that. Probably because if you can see them then you always know where they are. Now if they shape shift into the likeness of a squirrel and decide to hang in the yard he will pursue them at warp speed till they exit the area. Excellent job!

Aliens like to hide in trash cans! Apparently they are get so tricky with this shape shifting that they can even hide in trash cans! Shape shifting into common household items. If in our busy day we forget to secure the lid to one of these many hiding places Snoopy takes it upon himself to empty it out looking for signs that they are hiding inside. When he does find signs he makes sure we are aware of it. The most common form to take is that of a Jet’s Pizza box. And taking it to an open area and grabbing it when we approach is his way of keeping them away from us. How thoughtful is that?

Even our cars are safe! There are times that I pull my car into the driveway inside the yard. Snoop is all over the car and insists on seeing the inside. He always covers all the seats and inspects the car thoroughly. I guess aliens can unknowingly be transported in. And the mark of a completely inspected car is whizzing on one of the tires. Never could figure that out before this revelation.

Aliens are everywhere! As with most dogs he has his own toys. But there have been occasions where without a reason he will look at us, bark a warning, and grab a shoe or other piece of clothing and run. At first glance this was a very puzzling behavior. But now it makes all the sense in the world! Aliens! Remember the shape shifting thing. They apparently occasionally sneak in and take the form of an ordinary shoe or slipper in order to hide among us. Amazingly he knows this somehow. He will grab the alien item and head for the door. Then he will play keep away with us. Once again saving us from the aliens. Incredible!

My best conjecture is that by touching the item, shoe, slipper or pizza box, is somehow bad for us. So he takes it upon himself to protect us. I Luv This Guy!

Some does rub off! He does try to pass on some modicum of protection. This attempt comes in the form of a persistent need for us to pet him. A lot. It’s my best guess that this transfers at least a little bit of these alien resistant powers to us. The more we rub the better off we are I guess. The ears and chest  somehow have more powers. Snoop is always looking out for us.

Just when you thought you were safe! There is one troubling thing about some very animated outbursts. It appears that every time the mail carrier or UPS guy appears in the area he goes nuts! I don’t see anything amiss but if Snoop is right these guys are frickin ALIENS! I’m so glad I don’t let them in. [It also explains his reaction to Jehovah’s Witnesses!]

All in all I must commend him for his diligence and perseverance! He is doing an excellent job! We are eternally in his debt. Even in the house he makes sure we are not bothered by these annoying pests. He stays with us and periodically gets up to secure the house. So if he “asks” to go out a lot we really don’t mind now that we know what is really going on here.

So in your case if your dog / alien detector displays any or all of these indicators and if he goes off and insists on going out for no apparent reason then he/she is actually trying to protect you!

Enjoy your safety from those pesky aliens!


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