It is time to let Afghanistan slip back into the dark ages

The killing of 3 AMERICAN doctors by an Afghan security guard should put the pull out of all outside aid to these asshats on the fast track.

And the statements claim they don’t know what the motivation was. Are you frickin serious?! Read more here

Their own “police forces” are at the heart of the problem. These people are not in any way interested in protecting foreign workers trying to help them. If they are so damned determined to be under their own control I say grant them their wish! And at the same time remove all subsidies and support from them. Let them be a sovereign state in the dark ages. Islamic code is what they want so let them have it. They are just as good at killing their own people as they are at annoying the rest of the world. We need to let them have at it. Nothing we can do will change the self ingrained self destruct mechanism of Islam. If given the right amount of time they will take each other out in short order.

They bitch and moan about how they want us out. Well OK then! Will do! Bye Bye! Save our resources and watch them fight each other for the control of their own country. While we recoup ours. That’s just me.


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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