Detroit hasn’t changed one bit unfortunately

The news of late has been how Detroit is “turning itself around“. I put that in quotes because it is readily apparent that just being in Detroit for whatever reason is still dangerous. Not only for the people who live there but for anyone just passing through. And the surrounding communities are not much better. The asshats are everywhere.

The incident last week where a white man accidentally hit a black child who was j walking, stops to give him aid, is attacked by a large gang of black thugs who beat him and leave him for dead in a coma. And in the meantime they steal his wallet and cell phone. And it appears that over 50 people may have witnessed the assault! A retired nurse attempted to intervene during the assault. This has all the ear marks of a hate crime if you ask me. See the details

This is the same old Detroit we all know and love.

The good news is that 2 arrests have been made. WXYZ article

And the surrounding area is just as bad.

You can couple that with the beating on Thursday of a white US Army veteran who intervened during a verbal assault by a group of young white thugs on a female store clerk at a 7-11 in Westland. Once again, this gang of white thugs beat him and left him with severe injuries. And because they saw his military insignias on his vehicle tossed all sorts of derogatory epitaphs at him during two assaults. Once again it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that things are pretty much the same.

WXYZ Veteran beaten outside 7-11

In this instance arrests have been made. 3 men are in custody.

All in all it appears the the Mayor Duggan has his work cut out for  him. And the Police Chief is also doing a great job but is also in for some long nights. I hope that they can get a grip on it sometime soon because I believe in Detroit. I grew up here and would like to see it flourish again.


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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