I Lied! I am back in the auto parts business!

Same stuff. Different chain.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Well. I know I said I would not go back to work in the auto parts business. But after some careful considerations, like I need parts a lot, a discount would be good, and a bit of cash never hurts either. So as of yesterday  I am now working, part time of course, as a parts pro at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Oak Park. It is less than a mile from my house. So far so good.

Actually these are the old Murray’s Auto Parts that we all knew for many years here in Detroit metropolitan area. After a series of acquisitions they fell into the hands of O’Reilly’s. The store environment is good. The people are great. The IT side of the business was actually a technological step backwards from what I am used to but very workable. Picture this. A Time and Attendance system that is DOS5! Whoa! Flashbacks to an earlier day!
And their dress code is way more practical than Advance Auto. Other than their corporate shirts jeans and boots are OK. It may be a good experience.

So here I go into a 25 hour work week and I can still do my cruises. And get my parts at a discount. An added plus will be to continue with articles for my retail experiences! How’s that for a plus?!


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