Volkswagen boots UAW! Excellent! It’s about time

The UAW loses key vote at Volkswagen Chattanooga.

Nice to see workers finally seeing through the union scam of a better workplace.

Even our glorious Commander and Chief got involved before the election. Yep! Claims that the Republicans are the problem. And exactly what does Mr. Obama have to do with a UAW vote in Tennessee? Cause he is concerned? Nah! Just poking his nose in where he isn’t needed. And throwing around vacuous accusations of meddling. Isn’t that what he was doing?

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Friday waded into Washington’s war of words over a union organizing election in Tennessee when he accused Republicans of trying to block labor’s efforts at an auto plant in that state, according to a Democratic aide who heard the remarks. See the article here REUTERS

Could it be that they are one of his largest financial backers? And on  top of that it appears that there were even incentives from mama Volkswagen to NOT go with the UAW.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee said on Wednesday he has been “assured” that if workers at the Volkswagen AG plant in his hometown of Chattanooga reject United Auto Worker representation, the company will reward the plant with a new product to build. See the article here REUTERS

It has always been my contention that unions are the engine behind our slow economy and the reason for sending jobs off shore. They are the main engine because of their artificially high wages in the plants and factories nationwide. And like politicians they are almost impossible to get rid of rogue workers without an act of congress and two letters from God!

A classic case is the Michigan school teacher, a convicted felon, that the union wants reinstated with $200K of back pay. Say What!?

We will wait to see if Mr. Obama gets involved in this one too.



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