How To Build An Urban Igloo With Cat Litter Buckets

Old lemons? You make lemonade. Old snow? You make an igloo silly! Gotta do something with it doncha?


This is someone else's non-urban igloo, but you get the idea. (Keltose) This is someone else’s non-urban igloo, and we have no idea if they used kitty litter buckets but you get the idea. (Keltose) Look outside. Do you see snow? If you do, you’re also seeing the building blocks of your future fun. When you find yourself bouncing off the walls of your home with cabin fever after all the snow has finally stopped falling, simply grab a couple kitty litter buckets and make yourself an igloo.

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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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