Advance Auto Parts Employees – Beware of Advance Auto Parts new metrics!

They are after you and you will not get unemployment if they use it!

They are laying the groundwork for it as you work

As a former employee, a retail parts pro, with 11 years at Advance Auto Parts I was released the first week of January for not meeting their sale requirements. This is after serving as an assistant manager at 2 stores and serving as a Retail Parts Pro for 5 years. In the subsequent weeks I have discovered that I have been denied, yes I said DENIED, my unemployment. The reason given was that I intentionally did not meet their requirements after being warned. The key word here is intentionally!

You were fired from ADVANCE STORES COMPANY INCORP on January 08, 2014 for failure to meet the employer’s standard of job performance. You received warnings prior to your being fired. You had performed the job satisfactorily in the past. It has been established your failure to meet the employer’s standards was intentional.

This is a direct quote from my unemployment denial letter. And because of their legal tactics prior to my release they made sure that I was not eligible for unemployment. Will I fight it ? More than likely. Will I protest it ? More than likely.

This is both troubling and annoying.

Troubling because after having seen some of the lists that are out there regarding this, it is a simple extrapolation that this metric is being applied in a selective manner. If the rules are applied across the board, as they claim they are, it would put a long list of individuals , including General Managers, in jeopardy. But the twist here is that there is a selective application by the District managers. They should be writing up any and all on these lists, but my suspicions are that they are not. Unfortunately it is also my opinion that this metric is being used to single out and eliminate specific employees. Those that may be high on the pay scale [me], those that are close to retirement [me], and even those that they are just trying to out for whatever reason [Dunno].

Now we get to the annoying part. It has become more and more apparent that they seem to have a good ole’ boy mentality. And there seems to be an aire of ignorance as to what the District Managers are actually doing. And that appearance seems to go up the ladder to the higher levels of “management”. As long as it doesn’t make waves they don’t seem to be too concerned. At least that is the way I see it. If you have worked at Advance Auto Parts any length of time I am sure you have seen at least one example of this. And they do it in a calculating pointed way.

So … if you believe that you have either witnessed these “phenomenon” or possibly even been a target / victim as I believe that I was, let me know. This is called fact gathering. Now there have already been many incidents logged on these sites. Along with a variety of other questionable events and incidents.

If you have any additional information it would be greatly appreciated if you could forward it to me for a fact gathering project. Your input has value. Feel free to be verbal. Thanx ahead of time.


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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