Walmart oil change goes wrong

Just say NO!We will change your oil and crash your car all for one low price!

Not that I am a fan of Walmart, and I am not, but this might be another reason NOT to get your oil changed there.

I know it is not a real  high tech operation to change the oil in a car but it becomes a problem when you put minimum wage part timers under a car and then trust them to move it in and out of the work bays. Here is a glowing example from South Carolina.

A Texas woman brought her car in for an oil change, but instead her car was “heavily damaged” after going through the garage door and hitting a guardrail, reports

“It was time to get my oil changed anyway, my oil light came on, so I took it on in to Walmart. 10,15 minutes later they’re calling me to come back,” she said at the time. “The manager walked in and he’s like, ‘I really don’t know how to tell you this,’ he said ‘But, one of our techs has just crashed your car through the bay door and ultimately into the guardrail behind the store.”         Read more HERE

And, as I would expect from Walmart, it appears that despite fessing up to one of their employees crashing the car, they leave it at that. And instead of assisting with the damage control and being helpful in resolving the dire situation , which would be the right thing to do, they pull the old Walmart stonewall. That is until a local news station, WLTX, got involved. Then things started to move in a positive direction

Newberry, SC (WLTX) — News19 has gotten results for a Midlands woman who took her car in for an oil change and ended up with a damaged car. “Not having a vehicle here and knowing you need to go somewhere, I felt helpless,” Misti Colson said.

Eight days ago, Colson went to the Walmart in Newberry expecting an oil change, but instead her car was heavily damaged after going through the garage door and hitting a guardrail.

Colson said communication with the the insurance company Claims Management Inc. has been inconsistent. “They didn’t want to talk to me, they didn’t have any answers for me and I just felt like I was going absolutely nowhere,” Colson said.

Since News19’s report on Friday, things have turned around.  Read more HERE.

As can be expected of Walmart, it wasn’t until the news station picked up on it that the attitude changed and all of a sudden they got really helpful! Isn’t that amazing! Actually, NO. This “We are Walmart, So sue us” mentality pervades their whole environment from the top down. And if she hadn’t had the media step in she would more than likely be wresting with them today.

And it is an arrogance that should be annoying people but, in my humble opinion, consumers are willing to look the other way all because of their “low” prices. Why do people put up with this?! Screw their “low” prices! I don’t need to be treated like a second class citizen because it is them. And despite what they want you to think you can get the same stuff elsewhere and get way better service.


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