I just might get used to this!

Not having to go to work may just be a good thing

I do feel better already

Bob and Faye
Bob and Faye at Red Robin

In retrospect Advance Auto has devolved into a greed based good ole’ boy managed system, in my humble first hand opinion. What was once a company I enjoyed working for, and actually touted as a great employer, had become a spineless, money driven entity not in any way holding to their own motto “Our people are our best part”. Sad to say this is backed up with a quick look to a site called The Glass Door.

After taking some deep breaths and getting over my anger, I have set about getting all my options in line. And once I took a look at them in a quick glance it appears that I may just take a well deserved break from the daily grind for a bit. What is a bit? Well, I say a month maybe. Then I will reevaluate our situation and make another decision.

So for now it is time for a break. And some Captain Morgan. I may even head out with some buddies to a car swap meet this weekend.  A chance to reconnect with them for a bit. Till the next update stay tuned.


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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