Family and the Holidays – A recipe for disaster

And not the 5 pound fruit cake thing either!

These are holiday events that fall in the category of “Are You Frickin Kidding me?!”

The holidays are advertised as a time for family and friends to enjoy the annual celebration of the Winter Solstice, Christmas or whatever you chose to celebrate. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! A time of good will and harmony. Don’t believe advertisements is what  I have always been told. In an ideal world it is way cool but this is an imperfect world! And when it comes to my little corner of it I must admit I am truly skeptical. This is based on my personal observations. And only applies to my little piece of it. Hopefully yours is better.

Some up front assumptions. As we /I age it is becoming more and more a pain in the butt to deal with drama. And as we age most of us acquire some wisdom as to how to deal with things in a more “adult” way , if there really is such a thing. Common sense goes a long way sometimes. Unfortunately there happen to be a very large population of individuals that are functionally challenged in this department. What is reality is that we can sometimes make some rash and arrogant one sided decisions. And while they may make sense to you at the time they sometimes have collateral effects beyond the scope of their initial intent. Well, actually it is almost always. And it is these collateral effects that tend to get certain individuals like myself pissed off!

During the holiday seasons you have family and friends in mind for all the RIGHT reasons. Under normal circumstances this is a good thing. Please note that I said “under normal circumstances“. And these days is there anything NORMAL? Unfortunately an asshat mentality really shows up a lot during this time. Not that it doesn’t exist at any other times. It is just more pervasive during these gatherings of family and friends. In my circle of close and extended family these outbursts of crap, especially at this time of year, really get everyone’s attention. including mine! For all the WRONG reasons. And they just whizz me off!

Welcome to the human race folks! When this crap involves friends you can usually resolve it by severing those acidic relations. Problem solved. Maybe with some hard feelings but so what. Family is a whole different bag of worms all together. You can’t get rid of them. You try to ignore these incidents but the best you can do is tolerate it up to a certain level. And when it comes to family, some infighting and clash of personalities is, at least in my observation and opinion, inevitable. The periodic outbursts are annoying but tolerable. And workable. You try  not to take sides in order to make things tolerable. But when it goes on and on and on and on …. You get the idea. It becomes a royal pain in the butt! And , like they say “Timing is everything” , to pull some chickens#@t personal assaults at this time of year really speaks a lot to one’s moral character. Well, more to the lack thereof. And really leaves a indelible impression. An incredibly BAD one.

As a sidebar let me ask a question here …. exactly why are people in our culture now so arrogant that cutting them out of Facebook is supposed to be the ultimate insult? Between you and me most times it just cuts down on the incessant barrage of your self imposition on me of all the pictures of your dog balancing a doughnut on his nose! Trust me! Get over yourself! You and your family are not that interesting despite what you think! Not a traumatic loss actually. Just one mans opinion. Click! You are outta here!

Another annoying facet of many of these outbursts is that in some cases these troubled individuals tend to drag all sorts of other onlookers into their personal vendettas. I guess it makes sense to them. Dunno! Doesn’t to me. And now you get a whole new cast of characters upset and annoyed. Excellent! These  individuals need to get therapy or something because they are annoying the hell out of me. And when these players are all immediate family members it is hard not to get weary of it all. And get to the point where you say that they all need to all buzz off and get a life. Quit screwing with mine. It pisses me off to no end when the primary combatants involved both immediately ask you to validate the events that any other NORMAL people would classify as AYFKM! [Are You Frickin Kidding Me!] And even go so far as to get genuinely offended when you call it just that!

Sometimes you can even throw in a bizarre twist into these events when they are carried out long distance! Not face to face. Even including the social media. Me? That makes it hard for me to take seriously. I can end that with a click of a button. And then they involve you in their personal vendettas they expect to be treated like nothing is unusual. It does get so out of hand, at times, that I wonder if there are drugs involved! And one of the inevitable consequences is that at some point no one will want to hear it anymore. And in addition, if for some chance, they need assistance these same individuals may find themselves not welcome. And any measure of good will to be not forthcoming. And it is not unusual for them to wonder why is everyone so uninviting. Memory lapses are supposed to be for the aged.

And let me say this about that. If you are going to spout off about something as fact during these psychological temper tantrums, make sure you get it right! Consistency is good. Kinda plays to the credibility thing. Don’t tell one person one thing and then immediately display to the rest of the world that what you just said was a big pile of smoldering poop! In my own case I do try to be consistent about celebrating the Winter Solstice and not Christmas! Personal note – Decorated trees, lights and presents are usually a good indicator that you are a participant! Just sayin!

In conclusion let me leave you with these thoughts.

We are all supposed to be adults so how about acting like it! And quit playing these crapass mind games and think it’s cute . Because it’s not! I am older and I am getting to the point that I don’t have to sugar coat my opinions. I earned that right and I don’t have to justify them to anyone! I am very, very tired of family infighting and the arrogance of some individuals that they appear to feel that  are entitled to screw with everyone that they come into contact with. And as a byproduct feel that we are all supposed  to bow to their perverted point of view and keep silent about what we find to be an annoying intrusion into our lives. And to top it all off we are supposed to be all sweet and loving and generous to them. But be forewarned some of us, let me respeak that, I, am at my limit and when it starts to impact me and mine I do take it personally! When your asshat psychological problems start affecting me I don’t like it! And if I see this much turmoil around me I tend to get pissed. Consider me pissed! So if you get a curt answer or none at all don’t raise your eyebrows and proclaim that “Well, I didn’t mean it for you!” So be forewarned I am officially PO’ed and probably not going  to be real nice if you keep it up!

So as this all comes to an end, HAPPY FRICKIN HOLIDAYS!


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

One thought on “Family and the Holidays – A recipe for disaster”

  1. Soooo! I would say a greeting as Happy New Year. But, all I can ask is: WHO TOOK A DUMP IN YOUR WHEATIES?? Just sayin… Have a good one, if you don’t already have one! Enjoy these rants/raves.
    Love ya,PM

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