#Obamacare: site code needs a “minor rewrite”

Let me guess. We will pay even more for the rewrite of the code after the initial cost of writing the code. Taxpayer money at work in the hands of Obama. Give it up! Stop the madness.

Public Secrets

Somehow, I think untangling a warehouse full of tangled fishing line would be easier. According to that noted radical conservative, Tea Party rag The New York Times, there’s no way the Obamacare web site’s problems will be fixed by November 1st:

From the sluggish websites to garbled enrollment information, the flaws require the extensive rewriting of code: “One specialist said that as many as five million lines of software code may need to be rewritten before the Web site runs properly,” the Times reports — that’s out of a total of approximately 500 million lines of code, according to another expert. 

And these are just the problems they know about. It’s a sure bet that there are other giant bugs lurking in the code, waiting to be revealed by the fixes — or created by them. (1)

Fixing the problems may not be as simple as rewriting millions of…

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