DTE Home Protection Plus is a ripoff

DTE Energy

Don’t sign up! It is useless!

I have had this “protection plan” for about a year and I had an incident to use it. What a pain that was! The call went OK. The designated servicer came out at the prearranged time but that is where the good part ended. After replacing the igniter in the oven he determined that it needed a gas valve which he said, as did the work order, it would be 3-7 days to get. OK. After 10 days I gave them a call and low and behold it was no longer available.  And when I called the DTE rep I got the same answer. And to top it all off because I did not get the Greenbacks plan I was on my own. Cool 10 days with no oven. I got another stove and had it in 24 hours. Works great!

Now what it comes down to is this. You pay $21@month for the plan and they want another $17@month for the Greenbacks plan. So you are paying #38@month for who knows how long and at a year $356. For a kinda maybe. And if the appliance in question is over 4 years old it will more than likely be deemed unrepairable. So take it all in and I would say Don’t get this plan!

What a ripoff! Pay the service fee and use a reputable repair service. Nuff said!


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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