Ocwen – feel free to change my mind

Who are these guys and what do they do

Ocwen is a mortgage servicing company headquartered in Florida.  A “mortgage servicer” is a debt collector by another name. Ocwen’s phone number is (561) 682-8000. Ocwen (Ocwen Financial Corporation) is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OCN.

Wow! They really did that?

Here is what I see. And a lot of it is not good. And if you pay attention to the dates on these complaints you see that this is a long term pattern of problems. Yeah! I know! Mom told me you don’t here about the good things. Just the bad. And one bad deed negates 20 good deeds. Or something like that. Well it looks like these guys got their good deed  work cut out for them.

I haven’t got enough finger to count that high!

Complaints at Consumeraffairs.com (408+ complaints)

Complaints at RipoffReport.com (2,076+ complaints)

Complaints at Complaints.com (45+ complaints)

Complaints at Complaintsboard.com (695+ complaints)


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2 thoughts on “Ocwen – feel free to change my mind”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! My home equity was bought out by them and I have been working for the last 3 months just to get them a letter saying I have paid off my debt. It is like asking for them to send me to the moon. I didn’t pick them by choice, they bought out my loan. But I tell you what, knowing their service now, I would have moved by loan the SECOND I heard they bought it out. (Mind you the only way I learned they had bought it out was when I went online to pay my monthly bill and the old site was invalid. That should have been my first clue).

  2. I commented on a earlier post in August. OCWEN took over my loan in the sale as well. I had already signed the permanent mod papers with OWB and my final trial payment was due on Sept 1st. They assured me that they would honor any and all mods that were in place with OWB.It took a while and i got the same story. I.E. Havent received your paper work, system not updated and such but they have now received all paperwork and they just informed me that the loan mod is complete and have reinstated my grace period.They are doing a final escrow analysis which could change my modified payment by a few dollars either way and will send me a signed copy of the loan documents. Aside from the slow update of my info into their system it has actually been very
    easy to deal with them. Nothing like INDYMAC/OWB.
    Good Luck to you.

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