Why do we, as Americans. put up with this crap!?

I don’t know about you but this is getting out of hand!

And really pissing me off!

The news lately has been filled with glowing examples of how out of control the youth in America are! And the annoying arrogance of the parents who portray their stupid children as somehow being  not responsible. While I normally have some faith in the “future of America”, as of late it is becoming more and more obvious that the family structure and moral values that I was taught as a child are not being passed on now. The parents of America are severely lacking in this department. For the most part.

Bikers pull over, beat SUV driver in NYC after clash

The latest episode is from New York on October 1 with the attack on a man, his wife and child by a group of 20 to 30 bikers. There are a couple of facets in this incident that are annoying to me. I just pisses me off!

First is the arrogant use of a helmet-cam to document this. The modern social media is used by a participant of this “gang” to document the whole horrific event. And then it is passed on to other social media platforms to brag about the attack. In the video it is clear that the SUV runs over someone/something attempting to get away. Kind of obvious, but here is where it is twisted. Twisted but openly predictable.

Second is this part which always seems to popup immediately. It is reported that the young man that was supposedly run over and seriously injured is being being touted by his mother as, … wait for it!!! A victim! Say what?! It really annoys me that the pervasive attitude is “It’s not my fault! My child is innocent!”. I guess that it is a parents duty to take that stance but with that being said, he was a participant in this incident voluntarily despite what happened to his as a result of his fellow bikes. But how about some responsibility here. How about dropping the “But he is a good boy” boast! He was part of this whole scenario from the beginning. Wrong place at the wrong time. Bad call. Bad outcome.

Third and Just as annoying is the fact that only two of the “suspects” are in custody. Suspects?! Only one had the kahonies to step forward and “man up”! A 42 year old. The rest are blatantly cowards and may or may not come forward. If they do I am sure they are going to hide behind mom and dads lawyer. Just a guess here. They, the NYC police , are still “investigating”.  When they call them out we will see what kind of hoopla ensues.

Another shining example of this American phenomenon of “It’s not their fault!” along with parental arrogance and denial is this event. And as a personal note former NFL offensive lineman Brian Holloway is a class act! He handled it excellently! I can’t say the same for the asshat participants and their parents!

Ex-NFL player’s NY home trashed by partying teens

First off is that once again social media, Twitter,  was used to organize the event at the unoccupied home. And in the normal course of events it was documented on Twitter by the willing and “mentally challenged” participants. Once again with the arrogance, along with a dash of stupidity , to unwittingly document their participation in the illegal and destructive “party”. It is reported to have had anywhere from 200 to 400 participants that did an estimated $20K in damage.

Second Remember what I said about immediate and arrogant response by parents? Well, it happened here!

When Brian Holloway put up a webpage , Help Me Save 300, and the corresponding Facebook , Twitter and YouTube segments, he made it very clear that all he wanted to do was get the participants to fess up and participate in the restoration of the property that they had trashed. As a life lesson learned.  Warfare on their own turf! How cool is that?  Well, what it got was parental indignation, threats of lawsuits and even death threats for the effort!  While there have been some arrests, and charges, 6 I believe, and on the good side a couple of them actually turned themselves in. Bravo! But they still got charged while the army of other asshats hide out at their parents house.  Only one brave sole showed up to help in the restoration and cleanup!

Parents were “outraged” because he had the audacity to put their child’s picture out on the web and finger them with their own social pics! Some even shouted that because of this their child may be in some way harmed in getting into college. Well, Boo Hoo!  Sucks to be you and your child. Maybe your child made a very bad decision and it was because of your lack of guidance? Maybe? Ya think?!

I already made my rant in the case of the killing of Chris Lane in Oklahoma by three gangster wannabe “bored” asshats.  If you didn’t read it check it out here. All three elements are evident in that incident too.

Enough of this rant. You get the point! Unfortunately I don’t have a good solution. Maybe jail time for the perpetrators and maybe even a fine or jail time for the parents who try to obstruct the prosecution of their kids! Yeah! That’s it!  Wanna be apart of this? Everybody goes!


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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