OCWEN still doesn’t have my info online

I’m not getting a warm fuzzy here!

What? You still don’t have the info?!

Just how long is this going to take really? Even after “taking over” my IndyMac mortgage officially on Sept. 1 2013 OCWEN still does not have my info online. We are going on three weeks here folks. Still haven’t gotten a good answer.

I made a call today at 1PM EST to my Point Of Contact person Emily in order to make the third and final payment of my predetermined Federally guided modification plan put in place during my skirmish with IndyMac. It was unsettling to hear that she could not pull up even something as simple as my initial loan number from IndyMac. On top of that she/they did not have any documentation of what my payment was supposed to be! That is really bad! I had to feed her with the payment amount. This does not make me feel good at all!

Now after all that was arraigned for a payment by phone she hit me with a kicker. Are you ready!? They charge you $19.50 for the pay-by-phone option! That’s a bit rash.  I am going through my paperwork to see if this was ever disclosed to me, I don’t think so. But I made the payment anyway just to get it in before the deadline and to forgo any possibility of not meeting the required window of payments. Now after further discussion as to what happens now, I was enlightened that their loan review may take more than 30 days. And that I may be called upon to make a fourth “trial payment” to cover that time frame. I definitely don’t see that in any of my paperwork!  Glad I kept a digital copy and also forwarded one to the legal eagles. This is getting sillier by the moment.

Now since they don’t have all my docs online yet, as it was presented to me that they are making sure that all the account info is accurate, my question is how can they do a proper review? And exactly how long is it going to take them to get the accurate information online? And another question would be why would the information passed from IndyMac to OCWEN be wrong? Not that IndyMac and OCWEN are on the top of everyone’s most loved list. And they have NEVER misplaced/lost/altered any information in their long histories. Whatever! But an F from the BBB for OCWEN! Not a good thing.

In my opinion it is just another day of shifting the mirrors around to make sure you don’t see though the smoke!

So for now, I am going to rummage through my documentation to see if this is all coming around on the previously doc’d schedule and to see just what other incidental charges are lurking about when dealing with OCWEN. Stay tuned!



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