Let me say this about the Navy Yard shooting spree

Aerial view of the Washington Navy Yard. The F...
Aerial view of the Washington Navy Yard. The Forest Sherman class destroyer ex-USS BARRY (DD 933) is visible, center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“disgruntled employee” or “work place violence”

Another tragic mass killing in America at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. Words like “disgruntled employee” and work place violence” are being thrown around in the press. And they are all trying to micro-detail these reasons for this killing spree by a worker.

The one thing that has nagged me all along about this event is not that he got  clearance to be an IS contractor but this, problematic all by itself. How exactly do you get 2 long arms and a small arm onto a “secure” military facility if you are not a security member? And with that said, isn’t it a bit of a stretch / odd for a “security guy” to have TWO long arms with him besides a sidearm? I’m just thinking out loud here.

Everyone is trying to piece together this guys life and timeline leading up to this event. And even our “concerned” President was nice enough to put in his two cents worth. And bringing the perpetrators to justice is kind of a moot point ain’t it Mr. President!? He’s DEAD!

Let’s see what kind of spin they put on this killing event. The guns involved are all “legal”.


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

One thought on “Let me say this about the Navy Yard shooting spree”

  1. I must admit that I was taken in by all of the media sources stating that the gunman had an AR15 When in fact this was proven wrong. Unfortunately it was eized upon by all the assault weapon banning fanatics as a moment to link it with other mass killings. And they were also wrong! He did apparently enter the Yard with a shotgun and the pistol was commandeered from the downed officer. My bad! But my questioning of security on a US Naval installation still stands. They are looking into it, BzeroB

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