Worst case scenario – gas weapon in the hands of untrained asshats!

What if the report is actually true!?

What if it was a major FU by the rebels?! OOOPS!

Yes, there was a gas “attack” more than likely. And yes, it was verified as a gas “attack” did happen. And yes, it just might have been a major screw up by the untrained rebels handling chemical weapons supplied by our buddies the Saudi’s. And it happened in a civilian area that the rebels were in at the time. Does it make it right? Absolutely not! But it also makes a point that an attack on the Syrian government may not be the best idea. There just may be a case for dealing with our “rebels” that we and the Saudi’s are supplying with weapons and support. They may have screwed themselves with this event.

Further along this train of thought is a reiteration that the conclusion from most sources is that no one knows who actually released the gas. And, while not being a rocket scientist, why would someone [rebels] admit to such a disastrous screw up as to accidentally releasing deadly gas and killing some of your own fighters along with innocent people? Doesn’t make sense to blame the Assad government . Not that they are the most trustworthy group but in this case they may not have been the perpetrator.

So maybe we are now in a situation where the Obama administration and all their henchmen wanted the so called attack to be carried out by the Assad troops when really it was the asshat rebels WE support that unwittingly created the whole unfortunate scenario. Now the Obama military complex may have to step back and take a second look at what they got themselves into. They may have just ran off at the mouth, made a lot of unsubstantiated noise and threats, and jumped to a dreadfully wrong conclusion because they “wanted” it to be so.

Since the beginning of this “attack” it was constantly said by a wide variety of media sources that while there was evidence of chemical casualties  no one really knew who did what to who. Maybe they were right to say so.

Here is a personal sidebar question. Can someone tell me why the Saudi’s are supplying chemical weapons to anybody if they are so forbidden to be used? Like they are just kinda gonna sit on them if they have them in their arsenal. I’m just thinking out loud here.

All I can say now is …. “Now what Chief?” [Obama]


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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