The Chris Lane Murder – No comment Mr. President?

Why is there no presidential comment on this flagrant hate crime killing of Chris Lane?

Where is the media outcry over the murder of Chris Lane by a black Crip wannabe asshat?

In my own personal opinion this should be a counter point for all the racist crap we had to endure from the Travon Martin media circus. And this was a premeditated hate crime. Pure and simple. And they are recovering more evidence of the hate mongering of the suspects from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. And a trio of “Crips” wannabe’s” in Oklahoma of all places! This is what the President SHOULD comment on. Not Should, NEEDS to, comment on. To speak out against the same social issue he was so generous to enlighten us about during the Travon Martin case. Only now it is about a black on white murder. Maybe he hasn’t spoke out because the gun is now in the hands of a black person. Maybe he doesn’t have a “cute” anecdote about how “he was in that situation himself.”  Mainly because he is not. We are!

Oh! Wait! I misspoke myself! Did I say he didn’t comment? My bad! He did comment. Well. Kinda.. sorta … maybe…. Did you miss it!?  It was buried in the official Barak Obama Twitter account. And we all know he doesn’t write this stuff his staff does. Are you ready for it? Cause this is profound stuff here…

Retweet if you agree: It’s time for Congress to make gun violence prevention a priority.

Now, for those of you that have half a brain and can read this tweet it calls for “gun violence prevention”! No mention of a cold blooded calculated murder of an unarmed innocent white man by a black man and his accomplices! Yes! There was a gun involved. No sh$t Sherlock! Not one single peep from the Oval Office about this incident. How crappy is that! I guess the President doesn’t want to address the racial violence in America from a white man’s perspective. If it’s a black killed by a white it is racially motivated and we all need to have his personal perspective on the matter. But if it is a white killed by a black it is gun violence. And really not his problem. Just another day in America. Jerk off! Oh! I’m so sorry. He is the President. Let me rephrase that. I respectfully proclaim you a JerkOff! Sir!

And all these black activists that were all up in our faces about the racism in America sure seem to be quiet as hell about this event. Well… kinda.. sorta …. maybe.  At least the Reverend Jesse Jackson tweeted this

“Praying for the family of Chris Lane. This senseless violence is frowned upon and justice must prevail.”
Read more at HERE

Now according to Rev Jesse Jackson the murder of a white man is “frowned upon”?! Are you frickin serious?! Excuse me Rev Jackson, doesn’t this makes all your high and mighty media crap ranting and raving during the Travon Martin incident just that, CRAP! Frowned upon?! Are you for real? If that is your take on this then you are one giant hypocritical asshat! You and Al Sharpton both!

If this perspective is to be followed through let me submit this thought.

Maybe George Zimmerman had every reason to be wary of a black man in a hoodie!

At least he saw him! And could defend himself! And now they are going to muddy the waters of this killing with the “gang violence” chatter. Was it a factor? Yes! Was it still a hate crime? Yes indeed! A racially motivated, gang fueled MURDER! With a gun! The key word here is MURDER! Does it really matter that the shooter was a Crip wannabe? Maybe. But it was still a MURDER.

And to add what you would think would be some urgency to this incident you have the Australian Ministry involved and inquiring about the killing of one of their citizens while here in the US. Now if this was a US citizen over there well … makes us look like uncaring schmucks  that need to control “gun violence” and “gang related activities”.  Way to go Prez!

Wake up America and see that our President picks and chooses what to talk about and all the maelstrom surrounding him is all made up and not real! His words no mine! His agenda appears to be, in my humble opinion, to divide America as much as possible before his term is up!

Just one mans’ opinion



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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

4 thoughts on “The Chris Lane Murder – No comment Mr. President?”

  1. The Australian Government should be on our President for a response to this heinous crime. They should be appalled!! If the tables were turned, and it was an African American student that was brutally murdered by 2 white teens, I’m sure President Obama would be making his plea for “justice” on NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. How shameful that this horrible murder is put on the back burner. And….it’s not the Gun that murdered this poor guy, it’s the person that pulled the trigger. I’m sure if THEY didn’t have a gun to commit this murder, they would have found another instrument, or their bare hands to kill this poor soul. God Bless Chris Lane and his family!! Thanks for venting Bob!

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