Raising Cane …. Well, Actually modifying one

Ya just gotta be different dontcha?

Yep! I do!

As you may, or may not, know I am having some minor surgery on my right knee on Monday. No biggie. That’s what they are saying at least. It is to see if they can gain me some more time before I have to have it totally replaced. So in preparation for that event I have had to acquire a cane for assistance in the short term. But , as things go, it can’t be just any cane. It has to be MY cane. A BzeroB SPECIAL cane. So with that in mind I snagged a nice sturdy aluminum unit and will be adding my own custom embellishment, More specifically a donated ram emblem from a Dodge truck. You know, the full boogie 3D Ram’s head.

Yeah Baby! Stay tuned. Should have pics tomorrow.

UPDATE 08.14.13 Actually it is now tomorrow and I am finished with the Raising Cane mod. Not a whole bunch to say here except see it for yourself. Fabricated a bracket from some flat aluminum stock. Drilled it in all the appropriate places and the pop riveted the bracket to the shaft. Then I simply bolted the ram in place. Could change the ornament if I chose to in the future.

Ram Cane mod
Ram Cane mod



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One thought on “Raising Cane …. Well, Actually modifying one”

  1. SO…….. Hop along, how long is recovery? And most important,running around the block.
    You know, a broom would be much better. That way you could fly with it, and oh yea, save gas too!!!
    LOL!!!! Keep me abreast too.

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