A real pain in the … knee

English: Front side of the left knee.
Note: This is NOT my knee

Things are actually better than we thought

Hey! Those aren’t my X-rays!

Well, with the progression of the issues I have with my knees, and actually the right one is the worst, I deemed it necessary to go visit the doc. That and the fact that my right thumbs burns like hellfire a lot if I grab something wrong. So after a good consultation as to what my options were I had some more x-rays taken for updated info to make a decision from. We got both my knees and my right hand.

First up is my knees. After looking at the x-rays as they came across I noticed that the new ones were markedly better structure wise than the originals from a while back. While I am not a real doctor , but I play one on TV, it was obvious to the most casual observer that there was either a miraculous repair to my knee joint or there was something amiss. Turns out that Doc Ryan noticed that the pics from before were tagged by a temp and were most likely NOT mine. My new ones were way better, key here is better, but still not good. And because of our new pics it has been determined that I would more than likely benefit from arthroscopic surgery instead of a knee replacement at this point. I totally agreed and am heading in for the surgery AFTER the Woodward Dream Cruise. August 19 to be exact.

There is some arthritic damage to the joint and the cartilage is badly degraded. But apparently with this kind of surgery the rough edges can be cleaned up as well as any damaged cartilage. Both would be an instantaneous benefit. Plus it is outpatient work and a minimal recovery time of a few days. We shall see!

Next up – the right hand / thumb. This has not gotten any better and the damage has progressed significantly. But one disaster at a time! It hurts like hell but takes a back seat to the knee pain and swelling.  We have decided to inject my hand while I am on the table for the knee work. If it helps, and it just might, then when I go back in fr my check up we can decide if it is good for now or take another path with another joint surgery similar to my left hand repair.

Like I said before this is an intermediate fix for both problems rather than some more extensive surgeries. Soo I am keeping my fingers croosed, what few I can still do that with, and wait for an outcome. Hopefully both on the positive side. Stay tuned! Film at 11!



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