Indy Mac trial period update

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Trust no one! Especially bankers with bad reputations!

At 12 noon today I had the pleasure of talking with Jessica ID# 05Q as a “courtesy” call from my wonderful mortgage company IndyMac. It wasn’t long before the discussion came around to whether the August 1st trial payment, which was made to them on June 22 at 10:34AM via Janet ID#474 with confirmation #20330934474, had been posted yet. This being the 29th, a whole business week later, I thought I might just ask. After a bit of an animated verbal jostling it was finally admitted to being posted. Why is it so complicated to get a straight answer from these goofies? Now that wasn’t so hard was it!?

I don’t trust these goofies for a wide variety of documented issues with “questionable” and “misleading” banking practices. After finally getting an actual modification I am attempting to cover my butt through the trial period. So far, so good. So technically according to Jessica I should be good til August. We shall see.

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