Fixing more broke stuff on the PT Cruiser

Finishing up on the resurrection

Now that we got the PT Cruiser back after it’s brush with death, I finally got around to fixing a couple of nagging problems. I was actually able to take out two of them at the same time. The broken emergency flasher button and the bad fog light switch.

The nagging problems

A couple of things came to mind quickly.The flasher button had been broke for some time now. It wouldn’t stay down so I fabricated a “high tech” section of paper clip to snap over it and hold it down. Hey! It worked! And during the incident we had to use the flashers and somehow… somehow…. my high tech paper clip got lost. And the tow drivers fix was some green tape around the column to hold it down. How’s that for a fix. Functional but ugly! IMHO my clip looked way better! And i couldn’t find a paper clip so I decided I might as well fix it right.  And the fog light switch was broken in such a way that even with the fog lights indicated off they did not and after a few mysterious days of a dead battery we found the fogs were staying on all the time on so the quick fix was yanking the fuse. Might as well get those bad boys up and running right at the same time.

The fix

Multifunction Switch
Multifunction Switch

The fix was actually a quick 15 minute job. After watching a YouTube video on it and checking out the service manual it was obviously pretty straight forward and simple.So I gathered up enough pop bottles *** to get the switch at the store and then gathered the small hand full of needed tools and had at it.Pop a panel off, four screws and two connectors and out with the damaged unit. Just that simple. Then a reverse install and … Voila! Fixed it!

Mow i don’t have to buy more paperclips to keep my flashers off and my foggies work like advertised. Way Cool! I feel better now!

Time to put back the tools, sit back and relax on the patio with a Captain and whatever!

*** Michigan has a 10¢ deposit on pop bottles if you don’t get the reference. And , yes, I do use pop bottle money as mad money when needed.

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