PT Cruiser resurrection! It’s Alive!

Resurrected PT
Resurrected PT

The PT Cruiser resurrection has been accomplished.

It is incredible what the right mechanics and a big bag of dollars can do. Not incredible really just a good days work. The PT was handed over to the shop of Cooper’s Auto for the redo of the PT after the fatal failure of the timing belt at speed.

Broke it good this time!

The main issue is the logistics of getting to the belt in these beasties. It calls for about 6 hours to do the faceectomy just for the belt replacement. No small feat of mechanics , if I may say so! Then the water pump is inside the timing area too. So that needs to be replaced at the same time as the belt. And while you are in there it doesn’t make sense to not replace all the timing belt rollers and tensioners. And when the belt snaps it tends to destroy the plastic timing shell around the area. And since this is a known entity MoPar makes a complete kit just for that. I got it and the pump and the belt to go along with it.

Since you gotta disassemble the whole damn front face of the motor. And remove the complete top end I also got the upper and lower radiator hoses. Actually, I already had those on hand because I was planning to change them this season anyhoo.

The head was suspected of being damaged in the failure so it was removed and sent out for a check and refurb. Turns out there was no contact damage and it was easily refurbished and returned to the shop. So now we are up to a total top end redo. Head gasket and all.

OK! What now!

We are all familiar with how it goes on most repair sequences. There is always something else lurking in the shadows that will make itself known during the sequence. Upon dis-assembly of the top end it was discovered that the exhaust manifold had a gang of cracks in it. Another known problem on these beasties. So out with the old and in with the new. A new manifold was acquired. Along with the oxygen sensor that plugs into it.

Is it done yet?

I did let Mr Cooper know that this was Faye Dean’s car and that there wasn’t any really big hurry and to take his time to get it right. Cause if it wasn’t we would both be in the dog house. So he got the job done quite effectively. After a week of parts gathering discovery and reassembly it was returned to me. And it was running like a dream. This shop does excellent work and if you need a good mechanic in the Detroit area Cooper’s Auto is at the top of the list.

So now I am driving the PT “to check it out” for roadworthyness. Well, the fact that it has a leather interior, moonroof, custom rims and Z rated tires doesn’t hurt on a commute. So for now I will continue my road testing just to make sure everything is OK for Faye Dean to drive. This may take a while.

Next: Fix the fog light switch and the flasher switch.

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